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If you are a fan of high quality TV shows, then you surely will recognize the mini games that you have to play in Survival Game on In this game there are various challenges that you have to pass, and the stakes are immense in each of them because in Survival Game you can't simply restart the level you failed at, you have to start over from the first level. And as all the stages comprise of a completely unique challenge, the tension is very high each time you play. What's more, there is a timer that doesn't leave give you lots of time to think, so you have to take risks if you want to have a chance to advance.

The world of Survival Game is a violent one, and in each level a lot of your competitors will be eliminated. And you can also expect to fail a few times in the brutal levels that the game presents. Some of them ask that you advance only when the giant robot on the other side of the room has its back turned to you, another one is a deadly game where you must guess if the other player has an even or an odd number of marbles hidden in their fist, and many other similar games, each one more different than the one before. They are not connected in any way, the only thing that is common between them is that they all have a violent end for the one who gets defeated. The fact that they are so diverse makes things much more tense, and because losing in any of them will make you lose all your progress, you'll breathe a huge sigh of relief each time you get to the next level. But you won't get to celebrate for too long, because the timer doesn't let you analyze your next moves for too long of a period. If the timer reaches zero and you didn't manage to win, you have to restart the game. There are no half measures in Survival Game.

Survive the deadly games from Survival Game and see if you can win the grand prize.

How to play

Survival Game can only be played on a PC, by using the left mouse button to interact with the elements of the game. Each game has its own unique rules.

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  • Use your mouse to interact.

This game can be played only on PC